Recognition of prior learning (RPL) evaluates skills and knowledge (learning) acquired outside the classroom for the purpose of recognizing competence against a given set of standards, competencies, or learning outcomes.

Methods of assessing prior learning are varied and include: evaluation of prior experience gained through previous paid or unpaid employment, observation of actual workplace behavior. The essential element of RPL is that it is an assessment of evidence provided by an individual to support their claim for competence against a given set of standards or learning outcomes.

  • We have Created assessment tests for multiple trades that grade workers & Supervisors by their skill level.
  • Each Worker is communicated his or her skill level and provided with a certificate that they can show case to propective employers.
  • We have our domian experts evaluate the assessment responses to grade the skill level of the worker.
  • We have an on the ground assessment team that conducts field assessment tests.
  • Our assessors go to the field meet with the worker and execute the assessment.